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AAAT Home >> Loaded truck containers >> Loaded truck container crossings, Washington (U.S.) -Canadian Border

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Incoming Loaded Truck Container Crossings, Washington (U.S.) -Canadian Border: 2000-2005

Washington has always been a state of esteemed businesses. All sort of businesses are ingrained in this state like cosmetics, auto transport, art, textiles and many more. The number of incoming loaded containers crossed the Washington (U.S.) border from year 2000 – 2005 has shown minor fluctuations. In year 2000, 363 loaded truck containers crossed the border which augmented up to 530 containers (maximum) in year 2001. There were many car shipping trailers among the numbers. In year 2002, 2004 and 2005; 497, 482 and 479 loaded truck containers crossed the Washington (U.S.) – Canadian border, respectively. Year 2003 showed the major decrease; only 433 loaded truck containers crossed the border. Among these the majority were loaded auto transport trailers.

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