2016 Honda Accord cars with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

For the  past few years, Honda is behind due to the less entertainment and navigation system even though the company is producing many great cars. Now Honda is new with the updating Accord.

Accord includes successful Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The infotainment systems are placed in two screens as a touchscreen display in the middle and top display on the dash.  Software is used in top and bottom screen for displaying all the information about the car navigation and entertainment. The top screen shows directions, data of the vehicle with fuel efficiency. Bottom screen shows the radio, map with real time data.

The Honda Accord has the advantage of using USB in the Android or smart phone with the usage of morphing IOS like interface. Voice recognition software is used for the map. The Carplay of Honda is slightly different from Chevrolet.

The Carplay is not only for the entertainment. Accord has the additional technology for the safety. It grabs the car from the crash and when the car is outside the lane. Honda is best for the reliability and reusability. Honda Accord gives more advanced technologies in 2016.

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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Car Hauler of Toyota.

A Vehicle Transportation company of Toyota Transport manufactures the car hauler of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for the first time by collaboration with Peterbilt company that manufacture the trucks and with Cottrell company that manufacture the trailers.

Toyota worked with the collaboration of Peterbilt and Cottrell Companies, they were able to generate the alternate fuel trucks for the Toyota that makes a challenge for other car Hauler. It has the capacity of placing nine cars on the head rack and Cottrell manufactured the hauler run by CNG.

Toyota trucks have the support of EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) for reduce in the Green house Gas Emission and air pollution. Long Beach and Mira Loma have 32 trucks and Toyota delivers 200,000 vehicles annually.

Normally Toyota’s car hauler has the average of 100,000 miles per year. The emission of the CNG car hauler is 85% less than the diesel used car hauler. The CNG truck can able to drive for about 7000 to 8000 miles per month and more than the diesel trucks.

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Green Truck of the Year award won by Ford F-150

Surprisingly, the San Antonio Auto and Truck show selected  the Green Truck of the Year 2016 as Ford F-150 on Friday. The main reason for the awards is that, Ford changes the body   manufacturing from steel to aluminum and weighted up to 700 pounds.

The Ford F-150 beats the last three finalists Colorado Duramax, Canyon Duramax, Nissan Titan XD since ford has the additional feature of the environmental advantage since Ford has the tendency to burn in natural gas or propane.

Ron Cogan, the publisher of the Green Car journal said that the buyers will more than they pay for Ford F-150 because of its fuel economy with low carbon emission. In additionally, Ram ProMaster City won for the commercial truck category.

The Ford F-150 is made with aluminum body to reduce the weight of the truck with the seats are made from fiber. The fuel line is made up with castor bean oil. Among many awards, AAA Green Car Guide award won by Ford’s F-150.

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High Efficient e- Go Electric Vehicle in USA

The e-Go vehicle was announced by 2050 Motors with carbon fiber body and aluminum frame engineered and designed by Aoxin automobile to generate an efficient vehicle ever in carbon fiber engineering. Because of  the usage of aluminum frame, the vehicle is less weight under 1500lbs with unlimited mileage battery when compared with other vehicles. It contains four different size batteries with less expenditure.

The e-Go EV contains seats for five passengers with affordable price. The carbon material is more stronger and less weighted when compared to the steel. It has the regenerative brakes  with info entertainment system. The life of the battery is three times more than the other batteries used in other vehicles.

About 2050 Motors Inc. :

2050 Motors company is founded in Nevada in 2012 to import and sell the carbon fiber vehicle which is designed in China and Italy. 2050 Motors had the agreement with a designing company in China, Aoxin automobiles located in Jiangsu for the distribution of carbon fiber vehicle (e-Go EV) in the United States.

The e-Go EV is the most efficient vehicle ever over the world only with the carbon fiber that reduces the fabrication time and cost. The battery ranges up to and over 200 miles per charge. The other two drive system accelerates up to 60mph within 7 seconds.

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Chevrolet Volt won the Green Car of the Year Award 2016.

Los Angeles Auto show was conducted for the development of a range which was first introduced in 2011. Chevrolet Volt was awarded as the Green Car of the year 2016.

The car generates the electricity to power the Volt’s motor from the engine which has the capacity of 1.5 liters. Finally Volt won and beat other cars that includes the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Hyundai Sonata and Audi A3.

Steve Majoros, M.D for Chevrolet cars said that the Volt is the crosscorner of Campaigns and he added that they have the additional plans for electricfication development. The second generation of hybrid has the capacity of running 53 miles only with electricity. It beats the automakers that the car running about 50 miles only with electricity.

Ron Cogan, publisher of the Green Car Journal said that, in the history of the Green Car award, this was the first time that a vehicle won two awards in their developing generartion. VW Jetta TDI and Audi A3 TDI have the new technologies with fuel efficiency and reduced Carbon emissions.

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Top 10 Green Cars 2015.

Many of us consider the “greening” vehicles as environmentally friendly cars.  The fuel used, recycling, manufacturing and disposal of the car determine the greeness. Green car reduces the pollution that is caused by the car.

Green Cars rankings are determined by the ACEEE(American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy). The ranking is determined from the fuel used, emission from the car, the mass of the car and the battery used in the registered car.

Smart for Two Coupe EV

The GreenerCar score is 61 for the Smart for Two cars which was manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. Smart for Two cars is the top green car with zero emission. The range of the car 76 miles in the city driving. It has the gasoline powered car.

Smart for Two Convertible EV

Smart for Two Convertible EV is equivalent to the coupe model with the GreenerCar score is 61 and it was manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. The rate of the Smart for Two Convertible EV is $28,750.

Chevrolet Spark EV

The GreenerCar score of Chevrolet Spark EV is 59 which was manufactured by General Motors Co.  The sale of electric-Spark car is increased up to 138%. Since the rate was reduced in April about $1650. And as per today’s rate of Chevrolet Spark EV is under $15000 in the USA.

Fiat 500e EV

The GreenerCar score of Fiat 500e EV is 59 and it was manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. Only California and Oregon buyers got the electric Fiat 500e. The EPA range is 87 miles.

Nissan Leaf EV

The GreenerCar score of Nissan Leaf EV is 57 which was manufactured by Nissan Motors. One of the top three selling EVs is Nissan Leaf. EPA of USA determines the range of Leaf as  about 84 miles . The new 2016 Nissan Leaf is introduced to the range of 107 miles with large batteries.

Prius C Hybrid

The GreenerCar score of  the Prius C Hybrid is 57 which was manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp. Prius C Hybrid is one of the top selling electric vehicle in the USA. The primary engine and horsepower plant is paired that power the car under certain conditions in EV mode.


The GreenerCar score is 56 and it was manufactured by BMW.  i3 REX is a Plug-in Hybrid and ranked by ACEEE. It has the two-cylinder powered engine called as Range Extender(REX). The range of the vehicle is 146 miles and overall, BMW i3 is more efficient than the BMW.

Volkswagen E-Golf EV

The GreenerCar scores of Volkswagen E-Golf  EV is 56 and it was manufactured by Volkswagen. The diesel cars of VW are less and was replaced by the electric cars. There are     2555 cars sold in September in U.S.

Kia Soul EV

The GreenerCar score for Kia Soul EV is 55 and it was manufactured by Kia Motors. Kia Soul is subcompact car which gives great sales in the United States within nine months. The Kia Soul EV contains a virtual engine that gives an alarm when the car is near to the Pedestrians.

Mitsubishi Mirage

The GreenCar score of Mitsubishi Mirage is 54 and it was manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors. Mirage is a subcompact car with three cylinder engine. The cost ($14,910) is also so far than the any of the cars in this top 10.

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3D Printed Car in Local Motors Trade Show

By next year, 3D printed car made with thermoplastics becomes famous around the streets. Last week Local Motors in Arizona conduct an automotive trade show. The car seems to be fun and it is limited in the speed level 35 miles per hour.

The cost of the car expecting $53,000 and come to sale by next year. Thermoplastic material used for printing on the car with the use of carbon-fiber. 3D printed car are similar to the  LM3D Swim.

CEO of Local Motors,  Jay  Rogers is planning to start the branch in Knoxville, Tenn and  Prince George’s County, Md. Many designs for the car in competition.

From the 60 designs, Kevin Lo’s design was selected. He is from Stanford University. He said that he didn’t know about designing the car. And he added that he has done something for classic car.

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Auto Shipping Dealing of Autoport and Port Canaveral

For modifying the automotive manufacturers of U.S, Autoport combine with Port Canaveral, and Autoport has signed the contract in January. Roy Kirchner, CEO of Autoport said that this opportunity combines Port Canaveral and Autoport to work together and helpful in grow our business.

Kirchner said that he starts with small business in 1981 and he is ready to give good pay for the job who is undertaking the vehicle. Till now they had modified 2 million vehicles with U.S based automotive.

John, CEO of Port Canaveral said that AutoPort has the brightest future and can get links with Mexico, Rail links to Norfolk Southern. From the contract signed, Port Canaveral gets 16acres as lease from the Autoport. It can be extended as the business grows. The areas containing the buildings and it is avoided for the business operations.

The company is ready to invest $2.3 million for auto processing said by Walsh. NYK line, shipping company in Japan has the contract with Port Canaveral.

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Criminal attacks of the Car and Way to Safety your Car.

New car model does not require any buttons to unlock the doors and it is approached with automatic unlocking of the doors. Cars are listening the signal always. Unlocking the car through electronic signal is convenient, but it costs. The criminals can easily intercept the signal and drive your car.

Security System Used in Automatic Open Door of the Car.

Car door can open from the specific key fob’s signal. The car has the computer chip in the security system, the same algorithm of  chip is used in the car key fob. When the signal matches in both chips, the car door opens.

Criminal Attacks

Security System in every car and key fob is unique. It generates billions of unique code. Researchers found the intercepting method for automatic unlock doors. They proved the computer detects the codes within half an hour. A thief can easily stole the car as owner by detecting the signal by sitting on the street .

Always-on type of key fob is very risky since the door is always in open mode when the key fob is in its range. Amplifier detects the signal worth of $100. Thief detects the signal through the amplifier.

Ways to Stop the car theft.

Signal blocking pouch can easily stop the detection of the signal from the amplifier. You can stick to the freezer and the signal detection can be reduced from many steps of metal used. If the key fob gets damage when it is in the freezer, place it in the microwave oven.

The signal from the key fob is blocked by the metal. And also wrap it with aluminum foil.  Wrap it correctly, if not it will also emit signals. Passport and other identification contain the signal emitting chips and the signal can be easily detected through the RFID. Keep it inside the RFID blocking purse.

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Top 10 Least Expensive Cars in America 2015.

List of Least Cheapest Cars in America 2015.
1. Versa
2. Spark
3. fortwo
4. Mirage
5. Rio
6. Fiesta
7. Sonic
8. Yaris
9. Accent
10. iQ

1. Versa
EPA classified Versa as Compact and Versa Nissan is the first least car in today’s market. It gets a full redesign in 2012 and generate improvement in fuel economy. Versa is just $11,742 and it is one of the top selling cars in the U.S.

2. Spark
Spark is generated by Chevrolet company. EPA classified Spark Chevrolet as subcompact cars. It is very compact and just $12,262. The number of selling cars increased in 2014.

3. fortwo
Smart fortwo is generated for efficiency oriented drivers. It has two seats and three cylinder engine. It’s just $12,657 for the new hatchpack of smart fortwo.

4. Mirage
Mirage is generated by Mitsubishi. It cost about $12,959 only. It gives more fuel efficiency. There is no change in Mirage model until 2017. It is imported from Thailand.

5. Rio
Kia Rio is the fifth least expensive car in America today’s market with fare purchase price $13,754. It gives 27 miles in the city.

6. Fiesta
Fiesta’s fairly purchase price $14,271 and it is the one of the least expensive cars in today’s market. It gives 28 miles of city streets. It is generated by Ford. Two American automakers offering this model which is one of the least expensive models.

7. Sonic
Sonic Chevrolet is one of the least expensive cars and it is the replacement of Aveo with fair price of  $14,335. It gets 26miles in the city.

8. Yaris
Yaris is one of the least expensive cars and fast growing car model in America for its fuel economy. Yaris is developed by Toyota. Sale of Yaris increased about 50.3%.

9. Accent
Hyundai sale Accent with fair purchase price of $14,580. It is slightly more expensive.

10. iQ
Scion introduced iQ in 2004 with fairly purchase price $14,898. It is one of the smallest cars in U.S. The sale was dropped in 2014 due to its plummeting sale.

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