Developing V2V and V2I Technologies in cars to reduce vehicle crashes

The US government along with the car manufacturers is looking for a room to invent new innovative car technologies that would communicate with each other and the objects around them.

In an approach to minimize the number of accidents on the road a new technology called vehicle to vehicle communication is being tested by the vehicle manufacturers.

This technology is expected to bring a drastic improvement in the automobile industry apart from reducing the amount of accidents on the road.

Its works by passing and detecting the wireless signals about the location, speed and direction to and forth between the cars. The information is then passed to the cars surrounding the atmosphere to keep them at safe distance from each other.

A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2010 says that the technology can reduce the targeted vehicle crashes occurring on the road to 79%.

V2I functions in the same way as V2V the only difference is that V2I communicates with the things surrounding the atmosphere such as traffic signals to provide safety issues information to vehicles.

NHTSA says that integrating V2I with V2V can reduce the vehicle accidents on the road by 81%. This technology could bring a drastic change in the way we drive and enhance road safety.

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