Apple’s Electric Car targeted in 2019

Apple Inc. sees an opportunity to become the player in the automotive industry. It is putting efforts to build an electric car and setting a ship date for 2019. The company is spending more than a year for investigating about Apple-branded car and get meeting including two groups of Government in California. Titan, the leaders of this project had been given permission to triple the 600 person team who is familiar with this project.

Apple has hired the experts in driverless car and familiar with the Apple’s plan. Cupertino and Calif, said that the company is not planning to create the first electric car. But the plan is that for the product’s long term. But Apple’s automotive plan has many unanswered questions. It is not clear that the Apple’s electric car is equivalent to the car of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.,

Building a car is a complex task and even more for a company so far no experience with it. Once Apple gets finished their project, it would still need to undergo some test and should clear all hurdles. Market for the Electric Car is low since the low price for Gas and high capacity of batteries. Tesla Motors Inc. and Nissan Motor Co. Sell high-volume battery vehicle. Updated profiles of Apple on Linkedin and other social network provides the latest hint.

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