“Highway Autopilot” System of Mercedes-Benz Actros

Trucking jobs with Long-Haul is very difficult for the driver has to spend days, has stopped to sleeping,eating and refuel.  Mercedes-Benz introduce the self-driving rig and it for the major introduction step on the public roadway.

Mercedes-Benz Actros has the “Highway Autopilot” system that guides the driver when the vehicle is in the flow of traffic. Actros gives alerts to the driver that it is ready to handle the truck by take over the control. Actros has radar and camera that track the road and adjust the limit of the speed based on the traffic flow.

Actros can handle stop and go traffic without any problem said by Daimer which is the parent company of Mercedes-Benz. Actros will ask the driver to take over the control by push of the button. It will detect the poor weather condition, any obstacles. It will resume the truck if there is no lane markings. If the driver does not respond to the alert which is given by Actros, then it will automatically stops. Actros system makes Long-Haul trucker’s job safer.

94 percentages of all auto accidents are caused because of a driver’s mistake. There will be huge decrease in the driving accidents.Automatic vehicles like Actros stops suddenly in front of it when it predict any object near to it and hence avoids the collision. By soon the public roads are pretty common with automatic cars and trucks.

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