Software used in Tesla with fully automatic driving Cars

In the race of  self driving cars, Tesla updated its software to thousands of cars with the different edge other than the tech giants Google, Apple, Uber. On Firday, Tesla is going to release its sofware updating with four features for automatic driving.

A year ago, Tesla introduced autopilot hardware with digital cameras, radar and sonar. “Several Hundred drivers have been testing the feature for about a month” said by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He said that he put his friends in the car and they are blown away. He said ” I think it’s going to change the future rapidly”.

The software does not make the car as fully automatic like Google’s car. The car switches on its own when turn on the signal. Tesla introduces a more incremental approach in its features. It still allows the owners to drive their  luxury electric car. The question arises as if the car gets accident, it will be drivers fault. Musk answered as “The software is new and drivers will keep their hands on the wheel. In longer, there is no need to keep hands on wheel and there won’t be any wheels.”

The event will be within three years for Tesla, because of some hurdles, it might take longer, Musk told last week to the audience. He added that he added 100 people for working autopilot software and 50 persons for hardware.

Tesla released its figure earlier this month that shows the new SUV sales of 49 percent in annual sale. Self-driving features are expensible and Musk said that they will recoup the loss  from the sale of car using this software.

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