Diesel Cars of Volkswagen stops in US

Diesel Motor of Volkswagen sales is going to stop in US because of the software used to reduce the smoke.4 cylinder Turbo Diesel Car of 2015 and 2016 stops their sale of new car and used car said by John Schilling, the speaker of Volkswagen. He also added that he doesn’t know how many model is going to stop. Overall 7400 cars sold in August 2015.

Sale of Diesel cars gets stops and Volkswagen apologize the Environmental Protection Agency on the same day.The Wall Street Journal reported initially that the diesel car of Volkswagen has to stop.

There must be some problem in delivering the clean diesel motors said by Mr.Brauer. Environmental Protection Agency issued the notice of violence and used the defeated device.
The software that generated was in a manner that emission of nitrogen oxide which relate to health that generates asthma and some respiratory diseases even premature death.
Environmental Protection Agency and Justice department are working for the investigation.

By the next year, the recall of diesel car will happen from 2009. The American investigation will result in penalty for the company. Mr. Winterkorn said that he and his management persons will do the necessary thing for the reverse of the damage that they cause.

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