Fire Risk in TOYOTA cars from Power Window Switch

Power window switch makes a great mistake in the Toyota cars and it leads to fire. And hence the Tokyo Company is recalling the vehicles all over the world around 6.5million vehicles.

Toyota received many reports from various places. An incident in the U.S. who got burned in hand because of power window switch. Many complaints are the part of the car door gets burned in many areas.

Toyota said that the reason for the fire is grease sprayed during the manufacturing. When the electrical modules gets contact the fire happens. Module gets some moisture contact and generates fire.

Recall all the vehicles due to faulty mats, improper breaks promised by Toyota. This year, 40million cars were recalled in the U.S. Last year record was not normal, double the old record.

A Japanese automaker said that more door fire had happened. Seven in North America, two in Japan and two in some other area.

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