Less Voice Reconization Of Car Infotainment System

Drivers getting distracted even though they use the Car Infotainment System. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety said that it takes 27 second to change mode from driver’s driving after using the infotainment system. AAA compared the voice system that operated from 2015 at the University of Utah.

The Mazda6 is the most distracting car with poor detection of voice. Chevrolet Equinox is the least distracting, which used this system. Whereas Volkswagen Passat is less distracting.

Practicing Car infotainment System with the researches found difficult to analyze, a task difficult on first day still remains till the last day even more. Least distracting system requires 15 seconds to activate, the researchers said. Researchers also tested the distraction level when driver speaking on phone call.

An Assistant Professor of University of Utah, Joel Cooper said that the system does not recognize the correct command always. At that time driver got distracted and trying to diagnose the problem. The older drivers are unable to understand the new technology.

The company said that” We are always looking for increasing the interface between the machine and the human”. AAA said that the system is distracting the driver even the car stops in the middle.”

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