Criminal attacks of the Car and Way to Safety your Car.

New car model does not require any buttons to unlock the doors and it is approached with automatic unlocking of the doors. Cars are listening the signal always. Unlocking the car through electronic signal is convenient, but it costs. The criminals can easily intercept the signal and drive your car.

Security System Used in Automatic Open Door of the Car.

Car door can open from the specific key fob’s signal. The car has the computer chip in the security system, the same algorithm of  chip is used in the car key fob. When the signal matches in both chips, the car door opens.

Criminal Attacks

Security System in every car and key fob is unique. It generates billions of unique code. Researchers found the intercepting method for automatic unlock doors. They proved the computer detects the codes within half an hour. A thief can easily stole the car as owner by detecting the signal by sitting on the street .

Always-on type of key fob is very risky since the door is always in open mode when the key fob is in its range. Amplifier detects the signal worth of $100. Thief detects the signal through the amplifier.

Ways to Stop the car theft.

Signal blocking pouch can easily stop the detection of the signal from the amplifier. You can stick to the freezer and the signal detection can be reduced from many steps of metal used. If the key fob gets damage when it is in the freezer, place it in the microwave oven.

The signal from the key fob is blocked by the metal. And also wrap it with aluminum foil.  Wrap it correctly, if not it will also emit signals. Passport and other identification contain the signal emitting chips and the signal can be easily detected through the RFID. Keep it inside the RFID blocking purse.

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