Auto Shipping Dealing of Autoport and Port Canaveral

For modifying the automotive manufacturers of U.S, Autoport combine with Port Canaveral, and Autoport has signed the contract in January. Roy Kirchner, CEO of Autoport said that this opportunity combines Port Canaveral and Autoport to work together and helpful in grow our business.

Kirchner said that he starts with small business in 1981 and he is ready to give good pay for the job who is undertaking the vehicle. Till now they had modified 2 million vehicles with U.S based automotive.

John, CEO of Port Canaveral said that AutoPort has the brightest future and can get links with Mexico, Rail links to Norfolk Southern. From the contract signed, Port Canaveral gets 16acres as lease from the Autoport. It can be extended as the business grows. The areas containing the buildings and it is avoided for the business operations.

The company is ready to invest $2.3 million for auto processing said by Walsh. NYK line, shipping company in Japan has the contract with Port Canaveral.

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