Top 10 Green Cars 2015.

Many of us consider the “greening” vehicles as environmentally friendly cars.  The fuel used, recycling, manufacturing and disposal of the car determine the greeness. Green car reduces the pollution that is caused by the car.

Green Cars rankings are determined by the ACEEE(American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy). The ranking is determined from the fuel used, emission from the car, the mass of the car and the battery used in the registered car.

Smart for Two Coupe EV

The GreenerCar score is 61 for the Smart for Two cars which was manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. Smart for Two cars is the top green car with zero emission. The range of the car 76 miles in the city driving. It has the gasoline powered car.

Smart for Two Convertible EV

Smart for Two Convertible EV is equivalent to the coupe model with the GreenerCar score is 61 and it was manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. The rate of the Smart for Two Convertible EV is $28,750.

Chevrolet Spark EV

The GreenerCar score of Chevrolet Spark EV is 59 which was manufactured by General Motors Co.  The sale of electric-Spark car is increased up to 138%. Since the rate was reduced in April about $1650. And as per today’s rate of Chevrolet Spark EV is under $15000 in the USA.

Fiat 500e EV

The GreenerCar score of Fiat 500e EV is 59 and it was manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. Only California and Oregon buyers got the electric Fiat 500e. The EPA range is 87 miles.

Nissan Leaf EV

The GreenerCar score of Nissan Leaf EV is 57 which was manufactured by Nissan Motors. One of the top three selling EVs is Nissan Leaf. EPA of USA determines the range of Leaf as  about 84 miles . The new 2016 Nissan Leaf is introduced to the range of 107 miles with large batteries.

Prius C Hybrid

The GreenerCar score of  the Prius C Hybrid is 57 which was manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp. Prius C Hybrid is one of the top selling electric vehicle in the USA. The primary engine and horsepower plant is paired that power the car under certain conditions in EV mode.


The GreenerCar score is 56 and it was manufactured by BMW.  i3 REX is a Plug-in Hybrid and ranked by ACEEE. It has the two-cylinder powered engine called as Range Extender(REX). The range of the vehicle is 146 miles and overall, BMW i3 is more efficient than the BMW.

Volkswagen E-Golf EV

The GreenerCar scores of Volkswagen E-Golf  EV is 56 and it was manufactured by Volkswagen. The diesel cars of VW are less and was replaced by the electric cars. There are     2555 cars sold in September in U.S.

Kia Soul EV

The GreenerCar score for Kia Soul EV is 55 and it was manufactured by Kia Motors. Kia Soul is subcompact car which gives great sales in the United States within nine months. The Kia Soul EV contains a virtual engine that gives an alarm when the car is near to the Pedestrians.

Mitsubishi Mirage

The GreenCar score of Mitsubishi Mirage is 54 and it was manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors. Mirage is a subcompact car with three cylinder engine. The cost ($14,910) is also so far than the any of the cars in this top 10.

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