High Efficient e- Go Electric Vehicle in USA

The e-Go vehicle was announced by 2050 Motors with carbon fiber body and aluminum frame engineered and designed by Aoxin automobile to generate an efficient vehicle ever in carbon fiber engineering. Because of  the usage of aluminum frame, the vehicle is less weight under 1500lbs with unlimited mileage battery when compared with other vehicles. It contains four different size batteries with less expenditure.

The e-Go EV contains seats for five passengers with affordable price. The carbon material is more stronger and less weighted when compared to the steel. It has the regenerative brakes  with info entertainment system. The life of the battery is three times more than the other batteries used in other vehicles.

About 2050 Motors Inc. :

2050 Motors company is founded in Nevada in 2012 to import and sell the carbon fiber vehicle which is designed in China and Italy. 2050 Motors had the agreement with a designing company in China, Aoxin automobiles located in Jiangsu for the distribution of carbon fiber vehicle (e-Go EV) in the United States.

The e-Go EV is the most efficient vehicle ever over the world only with the carbon fiber that reduces the fabrication time and cost. The battery ranges up to and over 200 miles per charge. The other two drive system accelerates up to 60mph within 7 seconds.

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