Green Truck of the Year award won by Ford F-150

Surprisingly, the San Antonio Auto and Truck show selected  the Green Truck of the Year 2016 as Ford F-150 on Friday. The main reason for the awards is that, Ford changes the body   manufacturing from steel to aluminum and weighted up to 700 pounds.

The Ford F-150 beats the last three finalists Colorado Duramax, Canyon Duramax, Nissan Titan XD since ford has the additional feature of the environmental advantage since Ford has the tendency to burn in natural gas or propane.

Ron Cogan, the publisher of the Green Car journal said that the buyers will more than they pay for Ford F-150 because of its fuel economy with low carbon emission. In additionally, Ram ProMaster City won for the commercial truck category.

The Ford F-150 is made with aluminum body to reduce the weight of the truck with the seats are made from fiber. The fuel line is made up with castor bean oil. Among many awards, AAA Green Car Guide award won by Ford’s F-150.

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