Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Car Hauler of Toyota.

A Vehicle Transportation company of Toyota Transport manufactures the car hauler of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for the first time by collaboration with Peterbilt company that manufacture the trucks and with Cottrell company that manufacture the trailers.

Toyota worked with the collaboration of Peterbilt and Cottrell Companies, they were able to generate the alternate fuel trucks for the Toyota that makes a challenge for other car Hauler. It has the capacity of placing nine cars on the head rack and Cottrell manufactured the hauler run by CNG.

Toyota trucks have the support of EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) for reduce in the Green house Gas Emission and air pollution. Long Beach and Mira Loma have 32 trucks and Toyota delivers 200,000 vehicles annually.

Normally Toyota’s car hauler has the average of 100,000 miles per year. The emission of the CNG car hauler is 85% less than the diesel used car hauler. The CNG truck can able to drive for about 7000 to 8000 miles per month and more than the diesel trucks.

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