2016 Honda Accord cars with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

For the  past few years, Honda is behind due to the less entertainment and navigation system even though the company is producing many great cars. Now Honda is new with the updating Accord.

Accord includes successful Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The infotainment systems are placed in two screens as a touchscreen display in the middle and top display on the dash.  Software is used in top and bottom screen for displaying all the information about the car navigation and entertainment. The top screen shows directions, data of the vehicle with fuel efficiency. Bottom screen shows the radio, map with real time data.

The Honda Accord has the advantage of using USB in the Android or smart phone with the usage of morphing IOS like interface. Voice recognition software is used for the map. The Carplay of Honda is slightly different from Chevrolet.

The Carplay is not only for the entertainment. Accord has the additional technology for the safety. It grabs the car from the crash and when the car is outside the lane. Honda is best for the reliability and reusability. Honda Accord gives more advanced technologies in 2016.

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