TSA Recognized for Diversity

Three national magazines recognized TSA for its diversity in hiring practices. Recent editions of the Hispanic Network Magazine, the Black EOE Journal, and the Professional Woman’s Magazine featured TSA among other government and law enforcement agencies.

The 2010 Best of the Best issue of the Hispanic Network Magazine listed TSA among more than 150 government, academic, private and law enforcement groups, and DHS components, selected by its readers. The magazine also ranked TSA in two other categories, including the Top Diversity Employers for Hispanics and Top 50 Government & Law Enforcement Agencies for Hispanics.

The 2010 Yearbook issue of the Black EOE Journal and the 2010 Best of the Best issue of the Professional Woman’s Magazine both ranked TSA among other DHS components in its Top 50 Government & Law Enforcement Agencies for African Americans and Top 50 Government & Law Enforcement Agencies for Women, respectively. The Professional Woman’s Magazine also featured TSA in its two other lists, Top Diversity Employers for Women and Reader’s Choice, among approximately 150 private and government employers.

“TSA prides itself on the diversity of its workforce and we appreciate being recognized among other private, government and law enforcement agencies from across the country,” said Special Counselor Kimberly Walton.

As of 2011, the TSA workforce is made up of approximately 21 percent African Americans; nearly 15 percent Hispanics and just over 6 percent of other ethnicities, including American Indian, Asian, Native Hawaiian and others.

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