Google Obtains A Wireless Electric Car Charger

Google has been making some grave headway into option transportation. From the automated-robot car to an all-electric car sharing plan.

Now the company is the first to install a new wireless EV charging station.

Installed at the Google’s Mountain View headquarters, the charging station was developed by Virginia-based Evatran, and works without any outlets or chords. An EV has to drive over a special accusing pad and gets motorized up.

The system fundamentally uses inductive charging to work. An adapter is attached to each electric vehicle and when the car pulls up to the parking spot, the charging block adjusts to bring into line with the adapter and starts charging. Charging occurs from the connection of two magnetic coils. To start with, Google has set up one of the cars in its EV fleet to work with the wireless setup.

To give you a broader idea of how inductive charging works, the system is at present used to charge cell phones and electric toothbrushes.

Wired reports that a New Zealand startup Halo IPT is pursuing similar technology which would allow electric cars to charge while in motion.
If that becomes winning, it could go a long way in plummeting range nervousness. For now, this is clearly a pilot project, but if Google has set its sights on it, you know there’s more to come.

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