Electrifying the Auto Division

Electricity is the lifeblood of international continued existence, and commerce. And one day it may become the fuel basis for all transportation vehicles.

For the usefulness industry, it is in the uncommon position of being able to change a whole way of life — to be part of the solution that helps decrease this country’s dependence on foreign oil. But before it can reach that level, companies must prove that they can generate cleaner basis of energy.

Put simply, a central anxiety is that the electricity to go those cars would come from coal-fired power. And while that may be a domestic source of power, it would still present an environmental difficulty. The other confront is that utilities must be able to meet a potential spike in electricity insist.

To this end, the Obama administration has committed $11 billion to transporting the electric car into the mainstream. In a recent speech, the president set a goal of reducing the amount of foreign oil by one-third in a decade. Meanwhile, during his State of the Union of the address, he challenged Americans to put 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015.

Utilities are eager to teach the masses. Electrification of the auto sector could potentially be a benefit to their bottom lines. Hundreds of billions are spent each year on petrol. With a goal of drumming 1 million electric cars by 2015, power companies have a potentially rich new layer of revenues.

“If you are thoughts about buying a plug-in electric vehicle, it is significant to know there are a number of decision to make, and in some cases electrical work to have completed previous to you drive your electric vehicle home and start accusing the battery,” says Ed Kjaer, Southern California Edison director of Plug-In Vehicle Readiness.

Customers will want to figure out how rapidly and how often they need to charge their vehicles and then select the type of electrical energy rate plan that will be most beneficial to them, he adds.

Utilities have a chance to go forward their images. To do so, though, they have to bring up to date their generation fleets and work with others to expand the necessary re-fueling and service stations.

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