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sports car

Most vehicles that are referred as sports cars are rear-wheel drive, have two seats, two doors, and are designed for acceleration and aesthetics. While buying a sports car, customers generally give importance to brand name. Some of the important brand names include Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus and Lamborghini. Performance modifications of regular production cars, such as sport compacts, sports sedans, muscle cars, hot hatches and the like generally are not considered sports cars, yet share traits common to sports car. A sports car does not require large, powerful engine.

Some sports cars have small back seats that are really only suitable for luggage or small children. Different types of sports car include coupe, fuel cell sports car, grand tourer, hot hatch, muscle car, roadster, sport compact, sports car racing, sports sedan and super car. The different sports Coupes include Audi TT 225 Quattro Coupe, BMW M3 Coupe, and Porsche 911 993 Carr era. Many companies do ship these vehicles from one state to another state.

These types of sports car are very expensive so special care has to be taken while they are being transported. People generally go in for enclosed shipping because their car would be protected from sun, heat, air, snow, rain etc. A little more money would be spent in enclosed shipping when compared to open transport. A fuel cell sports car is a future vehicle anticipated to arrive with the advent of sophisticated hydrogen fuel cell technology. Production of fuel cell vehicles has been limited.

A grand tourer car is used for long distance driving. These cars are different from the typical sports cars because they are usually larger, heavier, and tend to make less compromise in comfort for the sake of driving ability. Some of the grand tourer cars are BMW 8 Series, Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, Porsche 928, Toyota 2000GT, and Volvo 780. A hot hatch is an informal or slang term for a high performance derivative of a three door automobile. Some of the hot hatch sports car includes Volkswagen Lupo, Volkswagen Polo, and Volvo C30.

Muscle car is a term used to refer to a variety of high performance automobiles. It generally describes a 2 door rear wheel drive mid-size car with a large, powerful V8 engine and at an affordable price. Some of the muscle car includes LX platform, Mercury Grand Marquis etc. A roadster is a two seater car, traditionally without a roof and no side or rear windows. Auto transport companies do ship all types of sports car. They provide both open and enclosed shipping services.

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