Driving With Distractions: How drunken driving Affect the Driving Abilities

Smoking and drunken driving are the major issues faced by teens .Teenage drinking is one of the most universal problems as these drunken driving teenagers put themselves and others at risk. Teenagers undergo lots of mixed emotions, thoughts which may be influenced mostly by their family and ones around them. It’s a common fact that the youngsters undergo a lot of pressures and it reflects when they drive. If a person is drunk it is advisable not to drive because they lose their concentrating and co-coordinating power which leads to distortion of vision, slowing down of reflexes, poor judgment and loss of coordination ultimately leads to road accidents.

In order to solve a problem, analyze the roots and the reasons they exist. Few some reasons why teenage drunk driving does exist are; Peer pressure is which all the youngsters have to overcome. They consider that drinking is also one of the reasons to overcome this peer pressure. Thinking that driving after drinking gives him more pleasure but they fail to realize its consequences.

Teenagers think they are indestructible. Perhaps it is raging hormones and their immature minds that make them think so. They consider this as a part of fun and the primary the reason is, they feel that they can do anything without endangering themselves. Estimates show that more than three thousand teenager deaths are results of injuries from vehicular accidents connected to driving under the influence of alcohol. Teenagers who begin to drink at fourteen and below have four times the probability of becoming an alcohol-dependent than those who only begin drinking at the age of twenty one. More than twenty five percent of teens who die in vehicular accidents were actually drinking while driving. Shockingly Female teen drunk drivers are more prone to crash than male teen drunk drivers.

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