2012 Ferrari 458 Italia — Interesting Features!

Ferrari, the Italian sports car manufacturer has now launched its new car 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia three weeks ago which is set to go on sale in the early 2012. This is a direct head on compete with the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and it is produced to replace the old model Ferrari F430. It is a 8 cylinder 2 seater consisting of a mid-rear mounted engine representing a genuine break with the past in the terms of Maranello’s previous high-performance sports cars.

This adaptable variant of the 458 Italia comprises of an aluminum retractable hardtop which weighs 25 kilograms (55 lb) less than a soft roof where in Ferrari F430 Spider weighs more. It features Formula One technology which was applied previously to Ferrari 599 GTB which was later applied to Ferrari 430 and now to Ferrari 458.

The examples of Formula One technologies are its super fast gearbox and the paddle shifter. The new feature is that the engine will be more silent and the car shift gears very smoothly and the suspension is softening up which in turn makes your drive comfortable in hard surfaces. The generous torque available – ensures rapid pick-up from all revs. It also created an outstanding output by providing the torque output of 120 Nm/1.

Here the E-Diff and Trac control software are combined under the same ECU which reduces the communication between the systems and improves the performance. The engine has been designed to achieve both performance and the fuel consumptions. The fuel consumptions are minimized by introducing the HELE technique. The oil radiators and clutch are located in the tail and the air is fed from the two intakes on the top of the wings with using the experience from the aerodromic function.

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