Hi-Tech Innovations In Shipping Industry

Technological improvements are beyond imagination. It gives new scope to all aspects of life. It is impossible to imagine this business world without any advanced machinery. Similar to other industries, auto transport industry also has its own advancements. Earlier, we did not have any company providing services like moving our household goods and vehicles. So moving our vehicles and household goods across the country or to the other part of the world was quite difficult. But now the technological advancements has made it possible and of course an easy process.

Whatever the case is either domestic or international, companies make it possible in nominal fee. Also they give more importance to the safety of the vehicle. They adopt much safety and secured methods for successful auto moving.

Usually for domestic auto moving two safety methods are adoptable. One is by using open car carriers and the other is by using enclosed car carriers. It is chosen based on their needs. Enclosed car carriers provide more safety and it is preferable for classic vehicles. Usually open car carrier is preferred in case of ordinary cars.

Similarly, there are two methods for overseas shipping, they are air and ocean shipping. Among these two techniques ocean transportation is the oldest and most safety method. Among those the foremost methods are container shipping, lift on/lift off shipping (LoLo) and roll on/roll off shipping (RoRo). Though all 3 methods were designed for moving goods and vehicles overseas, RoRo and LoLo were exclusively followed for car transportation. The only drawback is, it consumes more time to reach destination.

In ocean transportation, the other alternate option is the air transportation. This is considered as the advanced and speediest mode. Ocean transportation takes few weeks whereas air transportation takes only few days. The only drawback in this method is cost and people preferred this method for their urgent needs only.

Apart from these methods there are also many other developments like Global Positioning Satellite tracking. This GPS tracking is mainly for official alert about the location of the vehicle. Also this facility allows updating customers about the location of the vehicle.

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