Nissan Z ‘s Generation Legend

The eminent Nissan Z has come across six generation and it has turned adult into teens. Your life is unworthy if you haven’t ride a Nissan Z in your life. It’s the famous Nissan Z that has emerged as a status icon. To clutch the bang and the effect of the legendary Nissan we have to stretch back to its origin.

It was initially a small company. It was 1960 when it partnered with Yamaha to design a new aura sports car model to enhance their company’s reputation. Later on in 1964 they focused on the production of reasonable sports cars that might meet their expectations and this fragmented their project. With the successful series of Fairlady, it focused it project in the production of a new series of GT cars that would be elegant, novel, hasty and economical. Its highly economical through the use of interchangeable parts with other Nissan vehicles.

The foremost generation of Nissan was on track near the end of 1969 with two different versions. The Datsun-badged for the US market and the other, the Fairlady Z for the Japanese market. It standalone made a instantaneous hit in the states by selling over 45000 units in 1971 and over 50 000 units in 1972.Futher enhancement in engine size and other features led to the release of the 260Z and 280Z during this time.

The second generation Z Known as Datsun/Nissan 280ZX released in 1978 replaced 280Z to make it more luxurious to fulfill customer’s needs. The only thing it retained was the 280Z engine. The major change includes the release of T-tops and a turbocharged model.

In 1984, the Z was totally revamped to introduce the third generation 300ZX, a series of 3.0-liter V6 engine, dubbed the VG series. It resembled its forebear by claiming the second bestselling car Z-car in record. During this model Nissan assertively promoted the transformation of its brand name from Datsun to Nissan. A unique 1984 300ZX 50th Anniversary Edition based on the luxury feature available was released   in mark of the company’s 50th anniversary year.

Retaining the previous generation 300ZX the fourth generation was released in 1990.With features like dual overhead camshafts and VVT, it produced a rated 222 hp in obviously hopeful appearance. It claimed the all-time best selling sports car by raking several titles and soaring sales. In 1993 Nissan for the first time launched a adaptable Z.

From 1997-2002 Z -car went on suspension and Nissan focused mainly towards SUVs. To keep its concern active it launched the 240Z Concept in 1999 at the North American Auto Show.

Nissan 350Z released in 2002, marked the fifth generation which had 3.5L V6 engine initially producing 214kW and 371 Nm. It was increased to 220kW and 353 Nm in 2005 and was available in 7 trim packages.

The existing and the so called sixth generation powered by 3.7L V6 engine was released on December 30, 2008.  Delivering 248kW of power and 370Nm of torque it marked the fastest Z yet.We can merely hang around to see where it takes its iconic sports car next.

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