The Prospect of Solar-Powered cars

As the report came out that Sunpower has made an agreement with Ford to construct solar panels capable of generating enough electricity to charge an electric car,   people have been rushing to grab it. The increasing popularity and demand of using solar power to power an electric car has made people to focus on structuring their roof space for solar power panels.

Roof space can be a perfect place to set up solar charging stations to charge your electric cars. Luckily the Ford vehicle charging stations are designed with more efficient panels capable of producing fifty percent more power than previous and that too occupies little space. Electric cars are emission free as they have electric motors that do not burn fuel. So those who are tired with their carbon mark can now get rid of that by powering their homes and autos with solar electricity.

It’s predicted that in coming years electric vehicles are going to become a boon for drivers as they are very cheap and environment friendly. Even though the initial installation of solar panels is quite expensive but it offers a lifetime saving. National and local level programs are available to help with the initial installment charge of most renewable energy systems.

With one time installation of solar power in your home you can use it for multiple purposes. With this you can generate more power and that too in low cost. No doubt solar powered cars will become a boon for the automobile industry as well as to the consumers with the increasing fuel hike. The solar car fetches the opportunity of resourceful renewable power to the auto industry and destined the prospective to reduce pollution significantly.

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