Lowest Car Shipping Rates from Quality Car Transport Companies

All America Auto Transport has been transporting vehicles all around the United States since 1964. In order to provide quality services, AAAT obtains the lowest price possible from a licensed and insured carrier for each customer.

Shipping a car can be a stressful process, but AAAT aims to make the experience as smooth and easy as possible through impeccable customer service. AAAT provides customers with reliable information about the status of the vehicle shipment, and aims to accommodate the needs of all customers.

AAAT wants to put customer’s minds at ease during the moving process. This is why a car will only be shipped with a company that has the proper licensing and insurance. Each truck is fully covered by public liability, property damage, and cargo insurance. Not only is the customer’s car covered by the company’s shipping insurance, but the customer’s personal auto insurance also remains in effect throughout the whole process. Double the insurance means double protection for the customer.

AAAT  is the leader in providing domestic car shipment, and obtaining a car transport quote is fast and easy through AAAT. Typically, customers should provide two weeks for cross country shipping. However, in the spirit of customer service, AAAT does its best to accommodate vehicle shipments as “priority status” should an urgent situation arise. A cross country shipment can take from 8-14 days, where as an up and down coastal move can take as little as 3-6 days.

Since 1964, AAAT  has been shipping vehicles across the country for many satisfied customers, including members of the White House, the National Football League, and Walt Disney Studios. AAAT does the hard work in finding a reliable and fairly-priced company to ship a customer’s car, which leaves customers happy and satisfied.

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3 Responses to Lowest Car Shipping Rates from Quality Car Transport Companies

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  2. Ava Miller says:

    49 years in the business surely has that quality service to deliver what was expected from them and live up by its reputation for everyone to get what they paid for… Cheers to the 49 years delivering quality results… Two thumbs up!!!

  3. AAAT says:

    We take pride in providing a service our customers will appreciate! Thanks for the support Ava!

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