Diesel cars: 5 significant things everyone should be aware off

Though everyone might be aware of the benefits of modern diesels, but there are a few significant things that people may not be aware off.

Some important things among them are as follows:

1)    Most Fuel efficient on the highway

Diesel cars as hybrid cars are known for their fuel efficiency. These vehicles can build up ample of power and torque at relatively low engine revolutions and they go well in highways.

2)     Diesel fuel is Expensive
In some countries diesel fuel is considered cheaper than gasoline whereas in countries like US it’s quite expensive. Here are the key reasons behind these:

a)    Demand: Wide range of fuel oil uses worldwide, demand is  high.  Low supply of fuel to demand keeps prices high.

b)    Central taxation on diesel is 24.4 cents per gallon which is 6 cents more than gasoline.

3)    The cars are expensive too

Like fuels the cars with diesel engines also costs high. Diesel engines are lower in performance hence the cost to enhance its drivability and refinement add’s to the vehicle’s cost of manufacture

4)    Diesel smells unpleasant

Unlike gasoline that evaporates in air diesel remains for longer. It smells unpleasant despite their improvements.

5)    Diesel is made available in half the of U.S. fuel stations

In U.S. there are about 180,000 fuel stations and half of them offer Diesels.  This made diesels availability far better than it used to be.

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