3 B’s to keep in mind for a safe and economical vehicle move

#B1 – Best way to ship a car

Shipping a car to a  far away distance is not an easy task and driving the car all the way to a new location involves lot of risks and often costlier.  The best and the most recommended way to move your car to another location is to hire professional car shippers. Car Shipping companies provide reliable and safe services. Sometimes driving a car to a long distance can turn costlier and often leads to wear and tear of your vehicles.

#B2 – Best time to ship a car

Hauling your car during summer seasons is considered the best moving time as this is the slow period for companies. Moving your car in such season can save your penny rather than move a car during snowbird season. Avoid car hauling during snowbird season as it often costlier. Snowbirds seasons can boost your moving rates.

#B3 – Best method to ship a car

Safe shipping of car relies on the method you choose to transport your car apart from company and season. Consider open trailers if your requirement is to ship a normal or ordinary car.  If your requirement is to transport a luxury or classic car go for enclosed trailers. The only difference is that exotic cars are costlier and needs extra protection during car moving. Enclosed method  provide protection from dust, heat and rain and hence considered safe for luxury cars.

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