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Dealing with Car dealers - the basics

Any car shopper can be successful only if he controls emotions, have patience, take more time to research and keen to walk away. One should adopt himself to these features to manage the car dealers. Car dealers always aim at fast deals and high profits. The alarming fact is that car dealers don't actually make much profit on sale of new car. The highest share of car dealer's profits is mainly credited from used car sales and remaining from back end products likes warranty, maintenance schemes and so on. They also make some profits in the car loans so never let them know if you are paying cash.
Dealing with Car dealers

Understanding the different types of car dealers

dealers stick themselves to the culture of lying to make a sale. Basically car dealers can be categorized in to 3 types as follows:
  1. High Pressure Dealership- Car dealers handle some tactics to sell vehicles, despite the internet facilities like price transparency. The high pressure dealer aims to convince the customers to visit the showrooms and then pressure them to buy cars.
  2. Bad Credit Dealerships- All they wanted is just a sale. In order to make a sale they arrange for high-interest financing and many other strategies like selling needless add-on products
  3. Community Dealerships -Aim to do business with repeat customers and pay more importance for their reputation.
Whatever the type of car dealer is, they all focus only to make money.

The Process of buying a car from a dealer

Buying car from dealer is tedious only if you don't understand the process. One can win the deal if you just understand the basic concept like Vehicle Research, Financial Considerations and Dealer Review.
  1. Vehicle Research - Before buying the car, you should know your vehicle requirements. The car you buy should go with your lifestyle and also satisfy your future needs. Internet is the great tool to research and find the vehicles that can well satisfy your need.
  2. Financial Considerations - Financial aspects play a vital role while buying a car. Initially one should be able to figure out how much he can afford for a car to avoid the financial stress. Now the list becomes very narrow under the particular price range.
  3. Dealer Review- Last step is to visit the dealerships and drive cars in your list. Find the car that best fits your needs. Never go with the prices provided by the salesmen. Just compare it with the price ranges obtained from the earlier vehicle research.
process of buying a car

Buying a car from a dealer - benefits you can avail

One has to face many challenges while buying a new car. Actually buying a car from the dealer avails you maximum legal position. Here are some points that highlight the importance of buying car from the dealer.
  • Firstly we cannot expect private sellers to be honest about the historical data related to the vehicle. But whereas you can get this data free from dealers.
  • The most convincing thing about the dealers is that you can have a look at many types of cars that are similar to your choice.
  • The private seller cannot provide any maintenance programs or other benefit package but the car dealers do.
  • Very importantly, financing and payments are made very easier than expected by the dealers.

Finding the top dealer - the best possible way

There are numerous car dealers operating in the current market, so it can unavoidable for the customers to go through a little confusion to identify the best car dealer. Alright, here are some guidelines to help you find the best car dealers.
  1. First step is to get the list of entire car dealers in your area. One can make use of internet and yellow pages to get the contact details of the dealers in your area.
  2. It is very essential to get quotes from at least 4 dealers. Only comparison of quotes can give you a clear idea to determine which dealer would reasonably suit your needs.
  3. Real experience of people is again an effective tool to find the best dealer. So pay heed to advice and recommendations of colleagues, if they have any experience with the dealer that you are eyeing to do business with.
  4. Conduct business with only legal and recognized car dealers to avoid risk.
  5. Check out the cars in the showroom. If you don't find the one you are willing to buy then ask them if ordering the particular model from manufacturer would cost extra charges. Drop it if you are requested for additional charges for such service.

Purchasing a car from a dealer - Things to know before you go

  • Before approaching any car dealer, one should be aware of the various auto scams and bad deals possible. The followings tips would help you to save money and avoid the trap of potential salesperson.
  • Firstly, know the invoice price of the car, the price which dealers actually pay. Knowing this will be an added advantage while discussing with the sales person.
  • Car dealers usually wanted to make a huge business in short period so never hesitate to bargain for the lower price.
  • Contact the manufactures to know if any fund available. There are always some hidden funds that are usually not displayed in advertisements.
  • Checkout the reviews of the dealers you're planning to do business with.
  • Never hesitate to negotiate. Another important thing is that, never buy at the first place itself. Just shop around to know more and enjoy better benefits.

Buying used car from a dealer - Top questions to be asked

Make sure you have answers for the following questions before you buy car from the used car dealer.
  • Check out if the used car is certified after proper inspection. Checkout the paperwork to know what has been fixed to avoid future problems. Also have in mind that only certification that has value is manufacturer certified pre-owned car.
  • In case of used car, it is necessary to know from whom the vehicle was purchased from. Check out the maintenance record or at least make sure that the car is properly inspected by a mechanic expert.
  • Any reputable dealerships will have no problem to provide a Car Fax repot. Also check if the vehicles identification number in the report matches the VIN on the used car
  • Discuss if you would get any new equipment as a part of the purchase of the used car.
  • Also ask them what services they have performed on the used car after acquiring it to avoid future repairs.

Dealing with car dealers - car buyers Do's and Don'ts

One has to visit the dealers to check the cars and take delivery. This is the phase when dealers might convince you to pay more for cars. Here are some points to make you aware while dealing with car dealers.
  • Don't trust special sales conveyed by direct mail. This is because such activities are by contracted specialists who handle key practices to raise the profit of dealers.
  • Do inspect the car and drive it before buying and check if the features are up to your expectations.
  • They may convince you to buy extra items like corrosion & fabric protection, paint sealant and many others for extra payment. Don't buy these extra unnecessary items.
  • If the car has good reliability records then don't purchase extended warranty.
  • Don't sign any forms that are left blank.
  • Don't take car delivery, if any work pending; say for example, incomplete paper works or any accessory installation.

Buying a car from a dealer - FAQS

  1. Is there any benefit to buy a car from a licensed car dealer?
    There are many benefits to buy a car from the dealer. First thing is that only the licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer can offer warranty. Also the law enforces more protection when you buy from a dealer than the individual.
  2. What does 'Declaration of Defects' mean?
    "Declaration of Defects" means dealer can make a list of faults (not included in warranty) and estimate the cost of repairing the faults. If there is more difference between the actual cost and the cost estimated, then the customer can file a complaint to the commerce commission.
  3. What does "extended warranty" mean?
    The extended warranty is offered by the dealers usually when you buy a used car. This is usually extra cost above the price of the car and can be claimed only for certain conditions. In short, it is the extension of the standard warranty of manufacturer.
  4. What are rights I have when I buy from a licensed dealer?
    Here are some acts that stand for customers while buying a car from the licensed dealer.
    • Fair Trading Act 1986 (FTA)
    • Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA
    • Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 (MVSA)

Dealer To Dealer Auto Transport & Car Shipping Service

dealer to dealer auto transport
Usually people hesitate to approach any transport company when they have bought the car from another dealer. But actually there are many companies that offer dealer to dealer auto transport. Generally dealers themselves maintain contact with other dealers for business purposes. Also there are few auto transport companies that offer individual services to help the customers.
Even if you want to start an Car Shipping of your own, then the car shippers can help you by extending their services to you. You can also sign a dealer to dealer auto transport contract, if you are interested. All you have to do is just establish yourself in market and get people attraction towards your company. Finally whenever you get a deal, make it successful by following a proper procedure. Just invest efforts and gain trust and sure you will experience amazing results

The Best Car Dealers in America

The following list highlights the best car dealers in America:
Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura, Herb Chambers Automotive Group, Rick Case Honda of Davie, Power Ford of Albuquerque, The Ancira Community, Kelly Auto Group, Melloy Nissan, Seeger Automotive Family, Moss Brothers Auto Group, Kelly Buick GMC, Sanderson Ford

Best cars Brands List

Here is a list of some best car brands:
Acura, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar (US), Jaguar (US), Lamborghini, Land Rover USA, Lexus