Auto transport to and from Illinois

People engaged in auto transport are compelled to obey the rules and regulations passed legally by the director or commissioner of Illinois department of Public Safety.
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Transportation information for Truckers from IDOT

Sharing The Road With Trucks

Remember --Safe Motorists Always Respect Trucks (SMART). A research from IDOT's Division of Traffic Safety concluded that most of the crashes between trucks and other vehicles are occurring under the circumstances given below:
  • From Tuesday to Friday time ranging from 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • Sometimes due to clear weather, usage of speed or improper lane, dry roads.
  • When the driver falls asleep or getting distracted.
  • Age group of the driver plays a major role in such crashes.
    • When the truck driver is between 28-43 years old and the driver of the other vehicle is between 20-30 years old a major variation will be there in the way they both drives which may even lead to crashes and deaths.

Winter Driving Tips for Carriers

As winter and snow will affect equipments badly it is necessary to check the wipers, tires, fluid levels, lights, brakes and transmissions regularly. Perform the "penny test" to check the condition of the tires.
Planning before a trip
  • If you decide to go on for a trip check the weather condition on the route to get a clear idea of preparing yourself.
  • Travelers have the option of accessing road and travel conditions using the web at or by dialing 1-800-452-IDOT.
  • If you are shipping car to an unfamiliar area avoid travelling during night time.
  • Always remember to carry up-to-date maps of the areas where you travel.
  • Make sure you have proper personal identification, registration and insurance information for your vehicle.

Illinois Tollway Highway Emergency Lane Patrol (HELP)

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority's (ISTHA) HELP vehicles provide assistance to the travelers with disabled vehicles or stranded vehicles. The Goal of the project is to clear the stopped vehicles on the tollways in order to
  • Reduce potential roadway hazards
  • Increase motorist safety
  • Provide an enhanced level of service.
HELP Operators are trained to perform a variety of tasks to assist disabled vehicles. Some are
  • Remove lane blocking debris
  • Jump start car
  • Change flat tires without any cost
  • Fill the radiator with water
  • Removing the disabled vehicles from live traffic
  • Provide stalled drivers with a 50/50 water/antifreeze mixture for overheated vehicles.
  • Provide a battery boost for vehicles with a dead battery.
  • Tollway patrons who run out of gas are provided with gas for a nominal fee
  • Provide the use of a cellular phone so you can make a local call for additional assistance if needed.