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Our expert services and affordable quotes have been a comfort to our customers when shipping their cars since years. You can grab the opportunity of being one among our satisfied customers by booking your shipment today.

 Illinois transport director

In Illinois, our comes up with full license, insurance and provide car shipping services for affordable prices in cities, counties and overseas.

People engaged in auto shipping are compelled to get legal license from the director or commissioner of Illinois department of transportation.

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The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) s a state agency which is in charge of maintaining public roadways of the U.S. state of Illinois.

IDOT also provides funds for public transportation and airport projects, railways and administers fuel tax and federal funding to local jurisdictions in the state.

 Mission and Vision statement of Illinois Department of Transportation

Principles of IDOT


To provide secure, cost-effective transportation for Illinois in such a way to enhance the quality of life, to promote economic prosperity and also to demonstrate respect for the environment.


To be considered as the foremost state department of transportation in the nation.
Let us look into some features that IDOT provides to its citizens and travellers.

Programs introduced by IDOT to improve transportation

SeatBelt safety

  • Buckling up can protect ourselves and our loved ones from drunk drivers.

  • Driving without wearing a seat belt is an offense here.

  • Drivers must insist the passengers to wear seat belts.

  • Eight- to 16-year old children should be secured in an appropriate safety seat or a booster seat.
Wearing seat belt saves lives
Hazards may happen without wearing seat belts
  • All children under 8 should be allowed only to sit in the back seat.

  • Wearing a seat belt is the most significant weapon to protect yourselves and also your loved ones from crashes, drunk, tired, distracted, or an aggressive driver.

  • Always remember to wear a seat belt for every trip, no matter how short the trip is.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

  • Drivers who fail to stop and give right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks is considered as an offense.

  • Any cyclists under 16 years of age are not allowed to ride a bicycle or any attachment of a bicycle without a helmet.

  • Always remember to stay on to the right.

  • To stay away from argument with other users, pass to the left, indicating, "Passing on your left" before you overtake moving traffic.

  • It is illegal for a driver to make a right turn in front of a bus that is stopped at an intersection to take delivery of or release passengers.
Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Impaired Driving

You drink, you lose  Impaired Driving is one of the major cause for the crashes, injuries and fatalities today. In Illinois, impaired driving is a very real and deadly problem.

 In an attempt to rescue lives and instruct motorists on the consequences of impaired driving, more than 780 law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois will be participating in the You Drink & Drive,You Lose program.
 The department may sometimes conduct inspection to check whether shipping say car shipping drivers are drinking and driving the cars. Drinking and driving leads to dead

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving is also one of the major causes for the crashes, injuries and fatalities occuring today. Two new laws prohibit texting while driving and drivers from talking on a cell phone in work and school zones. Some of the things to be noted while driving include:
  • Avoid using mobile phones while driving unless or until the device can be operated with a hands-free set.

  • Other electronic devices like hand-held computers, pagers, PDAs, video games etc are also should not be used.

  • Individuals with a learner's permit and school bus drivers are not allowed to use mobile phones during driving even it is hands free.
Dont get distracted while driving

Work Zone Safety

Each year, many number of lives are lost in work zones and the majority of those fatalities are drivers and not the workers.
Pay attention and follow all the warning devices in a work zone such as signs, cones, drums, barricades and message boards
Drivers need to be very attentive and careful when they see the Orange cone. You should slow down your vehicle and do not pass while driving in a work zone.

Some of the Programs adapted by IDOT for making transportation better

Safe Routes to School
MPO Planning Process
Illinois Public Transit Systems for Urbanized Areas
Adopt a highway
Illinois State Transportation Plan
Economic Development Program
Truck Access Route Program
Rail Freight Program
Scenic Byways

Ship your car to Illinois

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Our expert services and affordable quotes have been a comfort to our customers when shipping their cars since years. You can grab the opportunity of being one among our satisfied customers by booking your shipment today.


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