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Auto transport company  >> US Numbered Highway Codes >> US Numbered Highway Codes US 126 to US 154

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US Numbered Highway Codes US 126 to US 154

Below is the list of United States numbered highway codes which give accurate information about the highway codes. This gives information about its starting and the ending place, and information about states passed through and its length. It also provides data of formation and elimination of codes.

 Highway Code Start End States passed through   Length(Mi - Km)  Formed  Eliminated
(US 126)
(Prineville, OR)
(Eugene, OR) (OR) 131-210 1952 1972
US 127 Grayling, MI Chattanooga, TN MI OH KY TN 758-1220 1926
US 129 (Corbin, KY) Knoxville, TN Chiefland, FL (KY) TN NC GA FL 582-937 1926  
US 130 New Brunswick, NJ + Deepwater, NJ (Pennsville, NJ) NJ 83-134 1926  
US 131 (Harbor Springs, MI) Petoskey, MI Middlebury, IN + (Elkhart, IN) MI IN 271-436 1926  
US 136 Indianapolis, IN Edison, NE + IN IL IA MO NE 744-1197 1951  
US 138 Big Springs, NE + Sterling, CO NE CO 72-116 1926  
(US 140) (Baltimore, MD) (Gettysburg, PA) (MD) (PA) 54-86 1926 1980
US 141 Covington, MI + Bellvue, WI (Milwaukee, WI) MI WI MI WI 176-283 1926  
(US 143) (Glasgow, KY) (Jackson, TN) (KY) (TN) 226-363 1935 1944
US 150 Mount Vernon, KY Moline, IL (Davenport, IA) KY IN IL 571-919 1926  
US 151 Manitowoc, WI Williamsburg, IA + WI (IL) IA 115-185 1926  
(US 152) (Indianapolis, IN) (Whiting, IN) (IN) 176-283 1934 1938
(US 154) (Mullinville, KS) (Dodge City, KS) (KS) 36-58 1926 1982
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