Acura CL Car Transport Information

Between the year 1997 and 2003, Honda, a Japanese company, manufactured the Acura CL - a model based off the popular Honda Accord. It is noteworthy that this was the initial Acura to be manufactured in the United States. The plant claimed Marysville, Ohio as its home, which also formed the TL and Honda Accord. The Acura CL was planned as a replacement for the Acura Legend, of which the sedan was later, renamed the Acura RL. The coupe version of the Acura Legend was at final replaced by the Acura CL in 1997. Additionally, the Acura CL was a product of Acura's transition into using alphanumeric labeling for its cars - with the omission of the Integra, which maintained the older labeling system until 2001.
Car Make/Model Specifications:
Make : Acura
Model : CL
In the year 1997, the first Acura CL model was came out, accepted a 3.0 L J30 V6 or a 2.2 L (F22B1) I4 engine. The 1998 and 1999 models established an upgraded 2.3 L engine. The preliminary model came in four versions - 2.x Base, 2.x Premium, 3.0 Base, and lastly the 3.0 Premium. The finest model would supply the driver with luxury features such as heated leather seats and a superb Bose stereo system. Incidentally, a 2000 model of the Acura CL was never released, which consequences from Honda instead releasing the Acura TL, a sister model of the Acura CL. Nevertheless, the 2001 model of the Acura CL was released in Mid 2000 as a entirely redesigned vehicle with a 3.2 L SOHC VTEC J-series V6 engine. Furthermore, buyers could choose to include a navigational system with the 2001 Type-S model (the Sport edition). A 225 horsepower V6 could be originate in the standard model; meanwhile, the Type-S enjoyed a 260 horsepower V6 - not to mention the 17" wheels and enhanced firmer seats. The CL Type-S was again good offered to consumers in 2002 and again in 2003; only this time with a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission.

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