Acura Integra Car Shipping Information

The Acura Integra car model can be detected being sold outside of the United States as a Honda. Nevertheless, the Integra is condense, sporty, and could be purchased as a hatchback or a sedan. In an attempt to compete with the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Acura created this undersized and relatively inexpensive model in the 1980s. The Integra however was only considered medium by American recognized; and in fact, the Japanese viewed the vehicle as a mid-sized car. The sedan was dropped after three generations of production and replaced by the RSX. Throughout the life of the Acura Integra, the vehicle had also undergone a few shifts in auto marketing. The models released prior to 1991 merely introduced the words "Acura Integra" located on the rear of the vehicle. This understated elegance was change for the addition of Acura's "A" logo, which began to emerge on all the vehicle's hoods and between the taillights from 1991 on.
Car Make/Model Specifications:
Make : Acura
Model : Integra
The Japanese saw the release of the vehicle in 1985 marked as a Honda Quint Integra. Americans were not privy to the vehicle until a year later, at which point, the vehicle was sold as an Acura Integra. The Integra was available in some three and five door hatchbacks, all of which were powered by a 1.6 L DOHC 16-valve engine. At the particular time, multi-valve engines were not average, which made the Integra's engine a much publicized attribute. Interestingly, the Civic, which was not seen as a sporty vehicle at the time, was the inspiration for the Integra. Acura's success with this model was accepted by Car and Driver magazine, which placed the vehicle on their top ten list for a noteworthy six times (1987, 1988, 1994, 1995, 1996, and lastly in 1997). Additionally, Evo magazine mentioned the Integra Type-R as the best front-wheel-drive car ever!

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