Acura RL Car Transport Information

In the year 1996 Acura car replaced the Legend with the Acura RL vehicle, a top-notch sedan. Consumers can be positive approach in the manufacturing quality of the Acura RL car, as a result of the manufacturing plant's location in Saitama, Japan. The Japanese have a long history of producing better quality vehicles of which the RL is one. On January 4th, 1996 the first Acura RL car rolled off the congregation line to the excitement of the company. Behind closed company doors the RL was known as 'KA9'; meanwhile, stories have dispersed as to what RL may be an acronym for. Some instruct that RL stood for 'Road Luxury', while others argue it stood for 'Replaces Legend'. Regardless of the origin, the vehicle regrettably was not highly reviewed by the automotive world. It seems that many were anticipating something that could compete with the Lexus LS; however, the RL failed to convene expectations. It wasn't until 2005 that the model underwent a redesign, which came behind years of falling sales.
Car Make/Model Specifications:
Make : Acura
Model : RL
On the brighter side, the RL was a surprisingly smooth and quiet ride with a 4-speed transmission that functioned quite effortlessly. Additionally, the layout of the interior space, the car's consistency and its fit-and-finish received very few complaints. The newly designed 2005 model resembled the Mercedes-Benz E-Class departure Acura very proud of the vehicle's so-called "Super Handling All Wheel Drive" which inevitably earned the car "Tech Car of the Year" in 2005. Nevertheless, sales continue to be lackluster which has motivated Acura to release a new, and lower priced, model in the United States in 2007. The base model will not embrace a navigational system, real wood dashboard or active headlights. Whether or not this will increase sales and describe new customers is yet to be seen. On a more positive note though, in the year 2006 forbes granted the RL the number one position on their "Top 10 Safest Vehicles" list.

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