Acura SLX Car Transport Information

For a limited time, specifically from year 1996 to 1999, Acura offered the SLX car, a full-size luxury SUV available only in the United States. The SLX vehicle is finished after the Isuzu Trooper; however, it is a splendidly upgraded version of the vehicle. The SLX was quite speedily replaced by the Acura MDX in 2001 as a result of shockingly poor sales. The reason behind the lackluster sales is still under question; however, it is possible that sales were harmfully affected by the "Not Acceptable" rating given to the year1996 and 1997 models by Consumer Reports. It is probable that the bad press surrounding the car's tendency to roll over during testing left consumers with a sour taste, while not precisely prompting drivers to go out and purchase. Incidentally, a lawsuit was filed by the manufacturer stating that Consumer Reports had illustrated a "reckless disregard" leaving them with affliction sales and a PR nightmare.
Car Make/Model Specifications:
Make : Acura
Model : SLX
The technical specifications of the vehicle were not lesser to other such models on the market, especially not to the point of getting such a sales dilemma. The year 1996 and 1997 models of the SLX had a 3.2-liter V6 engine with a highest output of 190 hp. In the year1998 the engine was exchanged with a 3.5-liter dual overhead cam V6 that produced 215 hp. In fact, Acura was the first luxury automaker to release a luxury sport utility model car. Acura was intensely aware of the turning trend toward the merger of luxury and sport. Essentially, the SLX model car shared similar luxuries to the standard sedans available while providing off road capabilities equal to the other sport utility vehicles on the market. Such features added adequate cargo space, towing car packages and 4-wheel drive system that can be activated on the go. It seems however that the negative consumer perception was tremendously complicated to overcome, and the innovation of the Acura SLX auto car was not enough to convince drivers to choose this model. Acura threw in the towel on the SLX car in the year 1999 to gain a fresh start.

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