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About Highway Safety Improvement Program in Alaska

Mission of Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) is to find out and fund for the highway safety projects that maximize lives and eliminates injuries.
Highway Safety Improvement Program Tunnel
  • Under the HSIP, DOT&PF; Traffic and Safety personnel annually identifies the highway accident locations on Alaska.
  • After the identification is over corrective measures are done by funding the most cost effective ones and once the projects are completed effectiveness of the projects will be evaluated.

Strategic Traffic Safety Plan in Alaska

  • Strategic Traffic Safety Plan (STSP) is a document that details steps to reduce Alaska's major transportation safety problems. STSP was formerly known as SHSP, a statewide, comprehensive data driven effort that addresses the 4Es of safety namely
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Enforcement
  • Emergency Response
  • Alaska DOT says that the plan includes both strategic and performance based goals derived from the identification and analysis obtained from the State's unique highway safety problems along with appropriate countermeasures to solve those problems.
  • The number of fatalities has decreased to a greater extent since 2007. Members from various state and local government agencies and private sector organizations in the STSP leadership group remains as a key driving force in the implementation of the plan.

Highway Safety Corridor in Alaska

  • A designated safety Corridor is a segment of a state highway that has been identified as having a higher number of fatal and serious injury crashes when compared to the accidents happen at highways.
    Highway safety Corridors
  • The Commissioners of Transportation & Public Facilities and Public Safety have agreed to provide funding for the efficient construction of the road. Fatal and major injury crashes are a serious problem in the Safety Corridors.

2010 Safety Corridors Audit

The purpose of this audit was to review Safety Corridor Crashes and ensure efforts to reduce fatal and major injury crashes.
  • Overall serious crashes are down by 48%.
  • Fatal crashes have dropped to a greater extent in 2010.
  • Based on the limited dispatch information major injury crashes are significantly down.

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