Alfa Romeo 164 Car Shipping Information

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  • The Frankfurt Motor prove in the year 1987 was the level for the opening of the Alfa Romeo car 164, of which more than 273 thousand were produced.
  • Sergio Pininfarinia, who also intended the Ferrari Testarossa, designed this attractive vehicle.
  • Alfa Romeo vehicle was shortly here after attained by Fiat and this was the last Alfa Romeo auto to be initiated before the acquisition.
  • This marked the opening of Fiat's attempt to re-brand the Alfa Romeos as a valued brand.
  • The large front-wheel drive Alfa 164 car charmed to drivers in Europe who were uninterested with the Mercedes and BMWs currently being accessible by the German companies.
  • Sadly while North America, the 164 model was the preceeding sedan sold by Alfa Romeo.
  • Alfa Romeo car first commenced computer-aided design in their structure of the 164.
  • This permitted them to create an aerodynamic body with a low drag and a smooth profile'.
  • The design outmatched that of the opposition such as the Lancia Thema, Fiat Croma and Saab 9000.
  • Improved design variation was only probable by including slanting shock absorbers on the front suspensions as different to the Koni shock absorbers being utilized at the time.
  • In contrast to the design achievement, the Romeo 164 vehicle had a few road bumps with sees to its name.
  • The 164 had to be called the 168 for the Malaysian, Indonesian and Hong Kong markets as an effect of poor translation among the languages.
  • The numbers '164' unfortunately carried the nuance 'all the way to death'; where as, '168' connoted 'all the way to success'.
Alfa Romeo car was fast and wise to make the name alter in order to keep their section of the market contribute to in these countries.