Alfa Romeo Giulia Car Shipping Information

Alfa Romeo additional to their line of cars with relinquish of the Giulia model of car in year 1962. This was the primary time Alfa Romeo had positioned such a powerful engine in a conventional lightweight car. Topping out at 2,200 pounds, the Giulia vehicle comprised a 1.6-liter, 100 bhp (75 kW) engines and a five-speed manual transmission. These components permissible the Giulia to attain a top speed of 106 mph and hasten from zero to sixty in 12 seconds, which was imposing for the times. The external of the vehicle was rather mundane, and yet contained a massive amount of detail. The low drag coefficient was significant for the era, and in a fact was less than that of the Porsche 911.
Car Make/Model Specifications:
Make : Alfa Romeo
Model : Giulia
The fresh 105 series was innovated in June 1962, which was pursued by the introduction of the Giulia car Sprint GT in 1963, a two door coupe intended by Bertone. Shortly thereafter, in 1965, the car was redesigned lacking a top as the Giulia GTC Cabriolet. Sales for this model car were very restricted, and resulted only in about 1000 creation it through production. However, a little number of racing enthusiasts took to the GTA from which ten superior versions were shaped for Group 5 racing in France, Belgium and the UK for use in 1967 and 1968. Additionally, nearly 500 GTAs were constructed for motosport, in which accomplishment was had at the European Touring Car Championship in 1966, 1967 and 1968. Another fixed model, the Giulia GTA, which was showed in 1968 as a lighter version of the 1966 released Giulia GTV, created some 160bhp, or 165bhp with fuel inoculation. Nevertheless, the Alfa Romeo Giulia car is a standard and was a desirable release.

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