Alfa Romeo Giulietta Car Shipping Information

The Italian car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo, began making the Giulietta in 1954 and continued production through 1965. The Guilietta vehicle underwent a number of alterations throughout its lifespan and brought to market a handful of models to costume various preferences. The first Giulietta car to be released was a van known as the Giulietta Sprint, which was inaugurated in late 1954. This dispensation was chased by the release of a sedan in spring 1955. Very rapidly thereafter, in mid 1955, the open two-seat Giulietta auto Spider, presenting translatable bodywork by Pininfarina was released as well. With a 1290 cc engine, a small alloy cylinder blocks and twin overhead camshafts, the Giulietta car was certain to please drivers. Through the years the control output of the original Giulietta vehicle (of 65 PS) was improved to 100 PS, which could be found in subsequent models such as the Giulietta Sprint Special and the Giulietta car Sprint SZ.
Car Make/Model Specifications:
Make : Alfa Romeo
Model : Giulietta
The Giulietta vehicle marked a significant point in Alfa Romero's history in that they were the first really mass-produced vehicles that the company constructed. After the ending of World War II, Alfa Romeo manufactured restricted numbers of 6C and 8C vehicles in a factory that was riddled with harm resulting from the bombings that took position in the tumultuous years that proceeded. Granted, the cars they were production were outstanding in quality, they had no real option of challenging in the marketplace with such a high price tag. The automobile industry had changed to widespread ownership of cars, which would only have been probable given much lesser price tags. Not surprisingly, Alfa Romeo was only able to manufacture 1600 cars in a five year span between the year 1945 and1950. After overcoming this shortfall in production capability, Alfa Romeo released the vehicle model Nuova Giulietta in the year1977.

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