Alfa Romeo GTV Car Shipping Information

The Italian vehicle maker Alfa Romeo has been manufacturing the GTV model. This beauty of vehicle was released at the Geneva Motor demonstrate in March 1995. The GTV model car had some enormous shoes to load in replacing the long-quitted Alfa Romeo GTV6 coupe. The GTV is a two plus two vehicle - which gratefully reduces insurance premiums. The Alfa Romeo GTV model was proposed as a gentleman's sports car, which expected to please with individual comforts such as leather, air conditioning and a good stereo. Consumers were also charmed to learn that removing the rear seats can modestly expand the very tiny boot space. The GTVs were positioned on a heavily customized version of the Fiat Tipo platform with an all new multilink stern suspension, which permissible passive rear steering. A 2.0 V6, known as the V6 TB, was formed to sidestep an Italian law that put an additional tax on cars with engines bigger than 2L. In reality it is basically the equal engines as the 3L V6, yet condensed to two liters. A further turbo gave the driver more power so that you could have nice presentation without paying that tax.
Car Make/Model Specifications:
Make : Alfa Romeo
Model : GTV
The GTV was revamped in the year 1998, which can be recognized by the addition of a chrome rim around the Alfa guard in the bonnet. The interior was also restyled and drivers had the choice of selecting a six-speed gearbox for the 3.0 24V. Again in 2003, the Alfa Romeo GTV underwent another, more complete facelift ' which was launched under much eagerness at the Geneva Motor Show. Aesthetically, the front end was personalized to include a much deeper fashion front grille, which was by far the most notable transform that was made.

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