Auto transport Insurance

Why is auto transport insurance important?

While shipping your car who is liable for any dents, scratches or damage? You need to be prepared for the damages that occur in your car during shipping, this is where the situation in which auto transport insurance plays a vital role. Shipping insurance protects your car from natural calamities that might occur.
Auto shipping Insurance
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Questions to be asked to the shipping company

  1. Is it possible to buy an additional coverage if the coverage given by the auto transport company is insufficient?
  2. Limited coverage value of the policy.
  3. What damages will be covered if the car is ruined during the shipping process.
  4. You must also know which parts of the vehicles will come under the coverage in case of an accident.

What are all the things to be checked to receive proper insurance?

  • As a first step you should look for the insurance policy documents of the car shipping company. To confirm the genuineness of the documents, you can check out with the auto transportations insurance provider.
  • Sometimes, the insurance coverage offered by the company may not be enough to cover the expense of the vehicle replacement.
  • During such times, you must contact the company's insurance agency and clarify the terms and conditions in the policy.
  • Most importantly, the insurance coverage offered by the auto transport company should insure the car against theft and other damages.

Types of Insurance Policies

Insurance policies differ with every company. It is better to understand whether the insurance provided by the transporter is an excess or primary insurance policy.
  • primary policy will cover compensation to your car in spite of the coverage in a regular insurance.
  • An excess policy will only cover what is not availed by the insurance.

Transporting exotic cars

  • Transporting exotic cars requires much care and attention, hence ensure that the insurance coverage includes the blue book value of the car.
  • Specialized cargo units are deployed to safeguard cars of greater value.

Be Alert – Don't get cheated

  • The carrier company will try every possible way not to pay insurance claim.
  • Before going for a deal with them check out their insurance policy.
  • It is also important to see that the carrier company does have an insurance certificate.
  • Some transport companies will tell that they do have an insurance certificate but don't believe them until you see it.
  • Some might do very minimal insurance coverage, even less than what the value of your car is.
  • Hence it is very important for you to find out the exact terms and conditions, your rights before going for a deal with the car shipping company.

Where should you appeal when you get cheated?

  • If your shipping company is not paying your damage claim or if they are not treating you fairly during claim process you can file a complaint with local Better Business Bureau.
  • You can also contact Department of Transportation for filing complaints against unscrupulous auto shippers.
  • Also get in touch with U.S. Department of Transportation if your car was transported over state lines.
  • If you feel it is necessary, get a court judgment.
Most auto transporters ensure safe shipping but these precautionary measures will assist in protecting your car. If you notice a licensed, bonded car transport company generally carry proper insurance so that they can reimburse damage claims. If you see the above checklist, you can use it as reference when you are getting ready to ship.