Auto Transport Business in Auto Industry Slow Down

The automotive industry slow down is a global financial crisis in the auto industry. The crisis is mainly experienced in the United States' automobile manufacturing industry.
The automotive sector was initial de-escalated by the substantially more expensive automobile fuels which puts pressure on suppliers and the gas prices put Detroit Big Three in crisis mode which made customers to avert from large Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and pickup trucks. The US automakers endured from considerably higher wages than their non-unionized counterparts, as well as salaries, benefits, healthcare, and pensions. In return for labor peace, management contracted allowances to its unions that resulted in uncompetitive cost structures and major legacy costs.
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The circumstances became critical because the global financial crisis and the connected credit crunch placed demands on the prices of raw materials. In United States, the Big Three have been under heavy censure since their vehicle offers were largely fuel inept SUVs and light trucks, despite the increase in the price of oil. Hence, they have undergone both from consumer perception of relatively higher quality models available from abroad. The Big Three had derelict development of passenger cars and instead paid attention on light trucks due to better profit margins, in order to offset the significantly higher labor costs, falling considerably behind in these market segments to automakers.
The automobiles companies of the world are being knock hard by the economic slowdown across national boundaries. Car companies have been compelled to execute creative marketing strategies to entice reluctant consumers to purchase vehicles, when many firms are practicing double digit percentage sales declines. The main manufacturers, together with the Big Three and Toyota, are recommending substantial discounts. Hyundai is allowing customers to give back their new cars if they lose their jobs.
The crisis in the United States is generally cleared by the government bailouts of both General Motors and Chrysler; while Ford secured a line of credit for fear that they require a bridging loan in the near future. Car sales declined in the United States, disturbing both US based and foreign car manufacturers. The bridging loans guide to better scrutiny of the US automotive industry as well as criticism of their product range, product quality, high labor wages, job bank programs, and healthcare and retirement benefits.
The auto industry slowdown has affected every economy around the world and the obvious affected party among all is the auto transport business, facing one of the biggest challenges from its existence. Slow down sets brakes on banks' auto loan business.
The global scenario has drastically changed with slow down of most economies. The auto transport business has been significantly affected. It has to play a significant role to face the challenges and turn the crisis into an opportunity. On the whole the United States is working to make sure that they have a plan to save the auto industry.