Tips on Auto Transport Insurance

We all know that while driving a car we need insurance, like that you need shipping insurance while shipping your car to another state. While transporting your car it would be better if you double check auto shipping company's policies, otherwise you have to pay bills for all the scratches, dents or worse.
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Many trustworthy companies do provide insurance to cover damage that may occur while the car is in transit. Before you trust any auto transport company, just check out certain important points regarding auto transport insurance.

Questions to be asked to the shipping company while shipping your car

While choosing the vehicle shipping company, you can ask them to show their insurance certificate. By law, it is important to have one. Do ask certain questions like
  • Types of insurance policies?
  • Will the car damage be covered that occurred during transit?
  • Are other parts of the car also covered?
  • Will you be asked to pay a deductible?

Tips to scrutinize your vehicle before shipping

All the promises made by the vehicle shipping company should be in writing. Most of the shipping companies do provide insurance coverage for your vehicle. Before you hand over the keys, remove all the personal items from car. Some of the reasons for removing personal items are
  • Insurance is not covered for any objects kept inside the car.
  • Any extra weight in the car could damage the vehicle's exhaust system.
  • Objects inside the car could move around and damage the interior.

Tips to scrutinize your vehicle after shipping

Again inspection process takes place, but this time to check any damages that have occurred during shipping. It is important to note down all the damages, if any, occurred during transit on the condition report (also known as "bill of lading") before you accept the car.
If you are getting your car at night, inspect the car under bright lights so that you don't miss anything. If any damage has incurred during transit note it down in the bill of lading, and make the driver sign the document. You can ask for reimbursement directly from the auto shipping company.
If an auto shipping company has not treated you fairly during claim process you can file a complaint with local Better Business Bureau. You can get in touch with U.S. Department of Transportation if your car was transported over state lines.