Auto transport process

Auto transport is a specialized freight trucking that involves a lot process. Understanding its entire process may seem to be quite intricate however, not all is difficult to deal with. Following are the process explained in detail with a simple step by step analysis.
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Irrespective of where your shipping destination, i.e., statewide, nationwide, or worldwide, AAAT is dedicated to providing our customers with the lowest auto shipping quotes possible. We ship throughout the United States, and will help you understand how to transport a car with these steps:

Step 1- Submit your transporting details:

With the advent in technology, several software programs are used for the convenience of making things easier. By submitting the entire shipping details into auto transport quote generator, you can be sure of saving a lot of time and money. Some of its details include vehicle type, year, make, model, shipping date and from and to (destination).

Step 2- You will receive transport quotes:

As you submit all these details, you will receive a quote.

Step 3- Place your order:

When the transport quotes are received, people place an order with the company that they consider to be fruitful.

Step 4- Go with the company that gives the best deal

Stick with one auto Transport Company that gives you the best deal.

Step 5- Carrier assigning:

When all is done, you will be contacted by email which will let you know about the pickup and delivery dates to ensure they work with your to-do list.

Step 6- Pick up location- bill of lading:

Bill of lading is nothing but a detailed list of a shipment of goods in the form of a proof of payment given by the carrier to the person consigning the goods. From this, you will get an idea of what time they can pick up and other stuffs. With that said, it is quite important that you maintain a copy of the bill of lading and more often than not, there should be one master copy along with two additional carbon copies.

Step 7- Car at your destination:

Prior to the arrival of the vehicle, you will be intimated and the car will be unloaded with another inspection on the same bill of lading.

Step 8- Leaving comments:

Once the whole process comes to an end, feel free to leave your comments on the services that you signed up for.