Auto Transport Safety Guide

Cross Cutting Transportation Safety Organizations and Programs
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  • National Response Center ( - The NRC is the solitary federal point of contact for reporting oil and chemical spills.
  • Transportation Safety Institute ( - Supports DOT's vital mission to make sure safety and security in the nation's transportation system throughout directives to both those commended with enforcement and those compelled to compliance to safety standards.
  • Drug and Alcohol Safety ( - The Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance (ODAPC) offers expert advice to industry representatives about execution of the controlled stuffs and alcohol testing rules.
  • Hazardous Materials Safety ( - the Office accountable for synchronizing a national safety program for the transportation of dangerous materials by air, rail, highway and water.


  • FAA Office of System Safety ( - expands and implements enhanced tools and processes, to make possible more effectual use of safety data, both in and outside the agency, to help develop aviation safety.
  • Aviation Human Factors ( - expands and assures implementation of human factors strategies, regulations, programs, and procedures which uphold the security and productivity of the national airspace system.
  • Aviation Medicine - The medical certification, research, and education wing of the United States Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Aviation Medicine.
  • Aviation Safety Reporting System ( -The ASRS accumulates, analyzes, and replies to willingly submitted aviation safety incident reports in order to reduce the likelihood of aviation accidents.
  • Flight Standards Service Aviation Information ( - Gives the public with simply accessible Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety associated information relating to Airlines and Aircraft.


  • Highway Safety ( -An FHWA safety site with the aim to lessen roadway-related fatalities and injuries by designing a forgiving infrastructure.
  • Don't hang out in the NO-ZONE ( - A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration campaign to teach people about how to share the road safely with big trucks and buses.
  • PHMSA Office of Pipeline Safety ( Administers DOT's national regulatory program to guarantee the safe transportation of natural gas, petroleum, and other dangerous materials by pipeline.
  • Traffic Safety -A complete site by NHTSA dealing with traveler and pedestrian safety.
  • Occupant Protection - A complete site by NHTSA dealing with traveler and pedestrian safety.
  • Federal Transit Administration Safety and Security Office ( -Dealing with matters connecting to the safety and protection of our nation's mass transit systems.
  • Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis ( - Railroad safety data for FRA personnel, railroad companies, research and planning organizations and the public, in common.


  • U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Center -Works directly with the marine firm, the Commandant and Coast Guard field units in the assessment and consent of commercial vessel and systems designs, growth of safety principles and strategies, response to maritime casualties and oversight of entrusted third parties in support of the Coast Guard's marine security and environmental safety programs.
  • Marine Safety and Environmental Protection ( - Documents and further information of common interest to the maritime community. This site is updated every day.
  • Boating Safety ( - Dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills and skills of recreational boaters with the eventual goal of lessening the loss of life, hurts and property damage that happens on U.S. waterways.