How to avoid falling victim for a Car Transport Fraud

Choosing the best car shipping company and the risks involved in it!

Risks Involved In Car Shipping

Remember that you are handling a costly object to someone who will take care of it until they deliver it back to you at the pick-up point.
  • What if your car gets damaged while handling it or while transporting it?
  • What if your car is lost or damaged because of an accident?
  • What if the car shipping company is not answering properly and fails to give you a timely delivery?
All these difficulties can be overcome by choosing the best auto shipping company.
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Choosing the best Car Shipping Company

Off late you can find hell a lot of shipping companies coming your way to offer shipping at competitive rates but the big question that rises in our mind is about the reliability and the service of the company.
The car transport company that you are opting should definitely be a recognized one with proper license and insurance coverage.
There are lot of important steps need to be done before choosing a good car shipping company and also to get rid of falling as a victim for a Car Transport Fraud.

Things to be done to avoid falling victim for a Car Transport Fraud

Visit the Auto Transport Company

  1. No matter how much offers and discounts a car shipping company is giving you, be well informed about with whom you are dealing with.
  2. Always believe in what you see with your own eyes and cross check it with people who you know or can rely strongly.
  3. Try to visit the auto transport company in person and check out how many employees are there and cross check it with the details that they have furnished in their website.

Call the Car Transport Company

  • The next best option to find about the employees who will be handling your car will be to call them.
  • Find out the customer care number of the car shipping company and try to ask them few questions.
  • See whether the employees have the patience to answer you and find their knowledge about the trade.

Have a discussion with the customers

Cross checking the shippers performance from a few clients who walk out of the company is really a good choice. You will never know about a company's reputation just by browsing the net.
Off course you can visit few customer complaint sites to see if any complaints are registered against the vehicle shipping company.

Check for DOT registration

Handling a vehicle transport business is quite a demanding business that needs a lot of commitment and responsibility as it deals with a third party's property.
Prior to booking your car for auto shipping, be sure that the chosen service providers have got themselves appropriately registered with the Department of Transport (DOT) as well as proper valid insurance coverage for the cars they ship.