Bentley Continental GT Car Shipping Information

Bentley released a model vehicle to replace the previous Rolls-Royce-based Continental R and T. They preferred the Continental GT to complete such a task. It is an outstanding grand touring car with two doors and a 2+2 seating placement. It made a much-predicted official release in 2003. The Continental GT has a 6 L W12 engine with double turbochargers, which develops 552 hp (411 kW) at 6100 RPM - not to declare permanent four-wheel drive. Never before in narration had a 12-cylinder engine been occupied on a Bentley car. Acceleration from 0-60 mph takes a scanty 4.7 seconds and has a ridiculous top speed of 198 mph (318 km/h).
Car Make/Model Specifications:
Make : Bentley
Model : Continental GT
A specific highlight of the car is the all-wheel drive feature. This was the first Bentley to do so, and it also includes a six speed mechanical transmission with routing wheel mounted gearshift paddles for immediate override. The quality of the parts are certain to be top notch given that the engine and air deferment are manufactured by Bentley, using a few components from holder Volkswagen's flagship cars the Phaeton and the Audi A8. In terms of stopping capability, the Continental GT car features the biggest brake disc on any production car at 405 mm (16 inches) in front. The back disc measures 335 mm (13 inches). However, for those not so concerned in the history or specifications of the car, it did emerge in the 2005 remake of the greatest Yard with Adam Sandler. This is not the first time that Bentley vehicle has been welcomed in the admired culture world; in fact, other Bentley car models have looked numerously in music videos and in print adds. This has been a sensible move by the marketing unit in that it has reintroduced the brand as youthful and attractive, as well as, flashy and a symbol of huge wealth.

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