Bentley Continental GT Car Shipping Information

The GT car was released in 2004, and the stylish changeable GTC car became accessible in 2006. The GTC car is one of only 2 current Bentley convertibles. The other choice is the Azure, which expenses about $100,000 more. That however is not to say that the GTC vehicle is in the range of reasonable to most automotive buyers. Nevertheless, the fresh Continental models are determined to magnetize a much wider viewers than Bentley has ever required before, but the average car buyer still may have a hard time distinguishing the Continental from a $300,000 Bentley. You may be wondering how Bentley was capable to create this car at a more attractive label price. Previous and very exclusive models, such as the Continentals were built on Rolls Royce platforms, but the new GT and GTC car use VW's D-Platform. This same basis is also used for the Audi A8 and the Volkswagen Phaeton - both of which are also accessible at a much lower price than the standard Bentley automobiles. The Continental GTC vehicle does not however achieve the same level of outrageous luxury as the Azure, but its handcrafted interior is prepared with just about every normal feature imaginable. The driver is certain to be pleased unless they are only familiarized to the luxury accessible by the Azure.
Car Make/Model Specifications:
Make : Bentley
Model : Continental GTC
While the GTC is priced well above mainly European luxury coupes, many reviewers are still boasting it as a great value. Most famous, what is positioned under the hood will further make sure buyers that they are making a sensible investment. The entire output is 552 horsepower and one of the most exclusive features is the smooth torque curve.

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