Bentley Mulsanne Car Shipping Information

The Mulsanne was a high-end presentation luxury car shaped by Bentley Motors Limited from 1980 through 1992. The 'Mulsanne' name has an exclusive derivation coming from the 'Mulsanne Straight', which was extend of the Le Mans racecourse where cars reach their maximum speeds. This new model has several large shoes to fill given that Bentley was hopeful it would epitomize the very spirit of the brand by contribution ample performance shared with complete comfort and luxury. Perhaps this marketing technique was implemented on account of the desire to drive a Rolls Royce. Nevertheless, this prompted Bentley to commence the Bentley Mulsanne car L limousines though undoubtedly with their extensive wheelbase these had presence of their own on the roadway.
Car Make/Model Specifications:
Make : Bentley
Model : Mulsanne
Under the hood, the Mulsanne vehicle shared the established 6.75 L (6750 cc/411 in3) Rolls-Royce V8 car with aluminum alloy cylinder heads. Drivers were given an upgrade by the substitution Bosch fuel injection for two SU carburetors. This change was finished on all cars from 1986 on. Additionally, all Mulsannes vehicle use a 3-speed automatic transmission. Noticeably, it is simple to see why the car was so well conservative at its launch, which occurred at the Geneva Motor Show in 1982. The vehicle remained in production through 1985 as the Mulsanne Turbo. The Garrett Air investigate turbocharger is known credit for supplying a 50% increase in power. Drivers rode in console and could enjoy the interior trappings such as highly sophisticated walnut veneered fascia, blemish-free leather and carpets and headlining of pure wool for the interior. This was an expertly collective piece of equipment that not only executed well on the roadway, but commanded attention wherever it went.

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